Monday, May 29th

MSHS Heirloom Circle

Join the MSHS Heirloom Circle: MSHS has been inspiring and serving northern gardeners since 1866.  Consider including MSHS in your will, or as a beneficiary of your IRA or other retirement fund, or insurance policy.   You’ll be part of our Heirloom Circle of donors, special people who appreciate the Society’s rich heritage and want to ensure that MSHS will be here to help future generations.  In designating MSHS as a beneficiary, please use our full name:  Minnesota State Horticultural Society.  Our tax ID number is 41-0635199.

Contact Rose or Diane if you would like more information and please let us know if you have made a provision for MSHS so that we can include you in our Heirloom Circle.  Too often, gifts entrusted to us have gone unrecognized because they have come at the end of a donor’s life.  The Heirloom Circle provides a way for MSHS to recognize and thank donors who have designated us as a beneficiary of their estate during their lifetime and to involve them more intimately in the Society’s work.

To download the pdf for our Heirloom Circle brochure and form click here.

If you would like the Heirloom Circle brochure mailed to you, please contact Diane Duvall at 651-64-3601 ext 208.


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