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MSHS Annual Reports

Annual Reports

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Thank you to everyone who contributes to the Minnesota State Horticultural Society.  We know that you have many choices of organizations to support, and we’re honored that you choose MSHS to be one of them!

MSHS Financial Picture

The MSHS board and staff are serious about our role as stewards of the long legacy and the financial health of MSHS.

On the revenue side, we promoted memberships and subscriptions at every possible opportunity. We market our educational programs and collaborated with garden clubs and other groups on sponsorships and promotion. We expanded opportunities for giving and volunteering. Advertising revenues and rebate programs from local and national businesses provided a source of support.

Looking Ahead - and Looking to YOU

Memberships, subscriptions, class fees, merchandise sales, advertising - and the many hours contributed by our amazing volunteers - provide vital revenue to keep MSHS working as a reliable tool for northern gardeners. But we also depend upon contributions from members and friends to keep MSHS financially healthy and able to serve today’s and tomorrow’s gardeners.

If you haven’t given to MSHS in the past, we ask you to make a gift of whatever amount is right for you. If you are already a donor, we ask you to continue your support and increase it if you can. 

However you give and whatever amount, your gift will keep MSHS working for you and the whole community - continuing its tradition of service for northern gardeners.  Thank you.

Bob Newman
Chair, Board of Directors

Rose Eggert
Chief Executive Officer


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