Preserving Your Fresh Produce to Enjoy Year Round
Tuesday, September 13, 2011 - Tuesday, September 20, 2011  6:30pm - 8:30pm


This class meets twice - the 13th and the 20th

Location: Martin Luther King Recreation Center, 4055 Nicollet Avenue South, Minneapolis

$35 members, $40 MSHS non members

Cosponsored by the Kingfield Neighborhood Association and Martin Luther King Park.

Preserving produce is the other side of eating locally. We can take advantage of the summer and autumn harvests and prepare local food for the winter months. Different foods require different methods of preservation. In this two-session class we will look at three--storage, freezing, and drying.

A. Storage--keeping food basically as is-- is the easiest and the most energy and time efficient, provided you create the right environment.

B. Freezing--fresh fruits and vegetables can be frozen quickly and easily during the harvest season. Whether you freeze purchased or home-grown produce, the keys to a successful product are using fruits and vegetables at the peak of ripeness and freezing quickly after purchase or harvest.

C. Drying--using ripe foods only--is a pleasantly delightful way to preserve many fruits and vegetables.

Class will include freezing and drying demonstrations, delicious samples, and an extensive hand-out with suggestions for creating you own storage area and charts for freezing and drying most fruits and vegetables.

MARIANNA PADILLA has been gardening for 38 years, and teaching vegetarian cooking for almost 30 years. She raises much of her own produce as well as most of the produce used in the cooking classes from the organic garden in her yard. She teaches organic gardening classes at her home and maintains an active compost, which a few neighbors contribute to. She fills a large chest freezer with produce each year, and makes her own dried food for camping. Food should engage the senses, feed our hunger, nourish our humanity, and be sustainable for the planet. For more info see:

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